What I’m Doing In The Gym These Days

What I’m Doing in the Gym These Days

I’m generally a heavy lifting type of guy. I like doing lower reps, more sets, with a slow controlled tempo and crushing my central nervous system. I pretty much lifted like this for a couple years, and of course like most people, I became a victim of “delusional gym disorder”. What I mean is that I did the same thing (with variation of course) and didn’t see drastic changes. It’s not that I was looking for drastic changes mind you, but I certainly wasn’t seeing them. So of course, as I always say to people, if what you’re doing isn’t yielding you the results you want, why do you continue to do it? So ever since I got back from tour, the majority of my training has been center around Charles Poliquin’s GBC with some slight vacation. This is what I did for a hamstring/calve/trap workout the other day.

A1. Snatch Grip Deadlift 5×10 3101 60 seconds

A2. Standing Calve Raises 5×10 3101 60 seconds

B1. Good Mornings 3×20 3100 30 seconds

B2. Barbell Shrug 3×20 2101 30 seconds

C1. Reverse Hyper Extensions 3×20 2101 20 seconds

C2. Single Leg Standing Calve Raises 3×10 (each leg) 2101 20 seconds

D1. Parallel Grip Shrug (machine) 3×20 (each arm) 1101 no rest between arms

E1. Single Arm Shrug (same machine but have the handle up against your crotch) 2×15 1101 no rest

So as you can see, there’s a lot of reps, little rest. This is a great fat loss workout and it will also challenge the body to do all of these reps. Notice that I have 3 “bang for your buck” exercises in there. Meaning, an exercise that will use multiple muscles and take a greater toll on the body than say, a tri cep extension. So deadlifts, good mornings, and reverse hypers. Give this routine a shot and let me know how it goes.