What kind of music do we play?

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If you were to ask Elvis what kind of music he played, what would he say? Blues? Country? Rock? If you heard Pearl Jam’s “Betterman” then heard “Jeremy”, would you think them the same band?

We often get asked the same question, “what kind of music do you guys play?” And the response is always “rock n’ roll,” yet people sometimes look at us with this strange expression! I could get more specific and say; rock, pop, punk, blues, garage band music…but that’s ridiculous.

To quote David Coffey of the UMASS Collegian: “While the majority of the album chugs along with a don’t-look-back attitude, it’s far from a one-dimensional sound. Ratner and co. clearly sport some substantial shades of surf, reggae, and ska that give most of the album a rather unique, island-jammy aura over its solid rock foundation.” HELL YA DAVE!

Obviously there is never anything wrong with categorizing yourself or your band into a genre, clearly Rancid plays punk. But as for Doug Ratner & The Watchmen, let’s just stick with ROCK N’ ROLL!