Why it’s not working….

Why it’s not working….

Forgive my thursday morning rant and allow me to just vent some things off of my chest.

A lot of my friends and even strangers that I meet in my every day adventures will eventually ask me how I make things work. Whether it’s music, working out, business, or just happiness in general. This often leads to a deeper conversation of passion and fulfillment. And I often have a simple response;

“Take a look at what you’re doing. If it’s getting you the results you want, continue. If it’s not, then re-evaluate your situation and try something new.”

But of course, the trying something “new” is frightening to people, but what it comes down to is nothing will ever happen unless you take a chance.

It’s really so simple. Notice I didn’t say it was easy, but it’s simple.

1. If you’re not seeing results in the gym and you’ve been doing the same thing over and over, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

2. If you’re depressed at work and hate your job, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

3. if you want to meet more people but don’t go out, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

4. Not finding what you’re looking for in life? LOOK IN DIFFERENT PLACES

Notice the trend here? Am I sounding too blunt? I’m not sure, but it’s a motto that I live by and it works.