Why You Can’t Always Trust Your Doctor

Why You Can’t Always Trust Your Doctor

If your eye hurts, you’re not going to go to a radiologist. If you’re having gastrointestinal issues, you’re not going to your pediatrist. So if you’re seeking nutritional advice, what makes you think a general doctor knows what he’s talking about?

Just because someone goes to medical school and is a practicing physician, doesn’t mean they have the knowledge to guide you when it comes to nutrition.

I’m a musician and my main instrument is the guitar. But if you’re seeking advice on how to play the trumpet, I’m not going to be much help. Yes, I know a lot about music, but the specifics of that instrument, what REALLY matters, you’d need advice from someone who plays the trumpet.

Same is said for nutrition, supplements, and unfortunately most heart-disease related issues. Here is my list of why.

1. Doctors don’t study nutrition– and whatever they do study, it’s for a minuscule amount of time, and their text books are outdated. My buddy is a doctor in Florida and he’s the first one to tell you that when it comes to nutrition, he’s knowledge is as good as anyone’s who reads Men’s Health. It’s not what they do nor is it what they truly care about. Granted, some doctors do stay up to date on nutritional science, in that case you’re lucky, but most don’t.

2. Doctors treat symptoms, they don’t fix the problem- Scenario; John can’t sleep. John goes to his primary care doctor. Doctor gives him pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical knocks John out. 3 weeks later he runs out and starts to get dependent. His dependency over time leads to an addiction. You know where this story goes…..If a doctor had the proper training about how to fix a sleeping issue, or at least ask the right questions, so much could be avoided. Are you deficient in magnesium? Do you have high cortisol? Are you stressed? Do you have digestion issues that impair your circadian rhythms? All of these questions could fix and heal John. Taking a drug just masks the pain for a while.

3. Doctors don’t stay up to date on science- thank god the advancement of science and research has disproved many myths that the medical community has been advising us on. Fat is bad, high cholesterol is bad, etc. All of these myths are debunked due to science and the right people challenging the status quo. However, physicians don’t stay up to date on science journals. They may read about MEDICINE (that’s different) and what new drugs their pharmaceutical reps can push on them, but actual nitty gritty research, not so much. In some cases a doctor might stay up to date in his particular field, like an oncologist will continue to read new research, but does that make him an expert on new heart disease related research? Nope.

4. Running a practice is running a business-physicians actually PUSH pills on you. There are pharmaceutical reps that come into their offices. Flirt with receptionists, smooth talk the nurses, and offer perks and benefits for the doctors that give out their drugs. I’m not making it up! My friend Ben (a doctor in the ER) has told me about doctors getting court side tickets at Lakers games. Vacation packages, you name it. All for the sake of pushing the product. It’s sad. It really is. These are the people who are supposed to heal us, keep us healthy, and guide us towards a better life. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. So the next time your doctor suggests a staten, RUN RUN RUN.

5. You CAN trust doctors when-you get hit by a car and are sent to the emergency room. Or you’re having a C section and you need some special “advice”. My buddy Ben, the doctor in the ER, has saved more lives in his 3 years of residency that I even want to think about. His knowledge of emergency medicine is unbelievable and he performs miraculous deeds every day. But, not every situation is an emergency. If you can’t sleep, your back hurts, or whatever your symptom is, perhaps it’s time to find a doctor who has alternative ways of healing rather than pushing drugs on you.


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