Wise Words of Jonathan Schultz

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Jonathan Schultz speak in a private setting about his success in business and his perspectives on living a happy and fulfilling life.

Jon is the co-founder/managing partner of a very successful real estate investment company, Onyx Equities in New Jersey. And if you’re wondering why I (Doug) as a musician would find value and inspiration from a person in real estate, think again! Some of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned about life and success have come from outside perspectives and Jon’s is some of the best I’ve ever heard. He’s also a huge Bruce Springsteen fan! Here are some of the quotes from the meeting (I’m paraphrasing a little)

“Try to wake up happy and try to go to bed happy.”

“Money can’t buy you happiness…however it can allow you to help other people and that is a road to happiness.”

“I hear so many people talking about ‘the end’ Who wants to reach the end? You’re dead at the end! It’s all over! Life is a journey.”

“I never make a decision based on too much emotion, i.e. stress, anger.”

“Leave your ego at the door when working with other people and solving problems.”

“Bad situations can yield amazing opportunities if allow yourself to see the lesson learned from them”


Wise words of Jonathan Schultz