Y.O.L.O. It Dude.

I first heard this expression when Nate (our roadie) and I were eating at a crappy breakfast buffet in NC. There were very few healthy options for a healthy rocker and I complained to Nate, he responded with;

“Just Y.O.L.O. it dude”.

I looked at him with a confused expression and he then explained the phrase to me…and it got me thinking about a couple points.

IF- you only live once, you might as well engage in all manners of decadence and adventures that lead to immediate satisfaction and enjoyment. So, in this instance, if I ate the doughnuts and bagels at the buffet I probably would have enjoyed the deliciousness of it for 15 minutes BUT, after that moment I’d be exhausted, still be hungry, my blood sugar would be all out of whack, I’d get bloated from the gluten, and my normal high/crazy energy would be shot.NOW.

IF- you only live once, you should make decisions that allow you to actually live your life to the fullest and get the most out of it with nothing holding you back. So, by not eating the crap, and instead I ate the gross eggs (though I might get a little stomach ache) my muscles would feel nice and full, I’d be satiated, my energy would be up and I’d be ready to go.

Now both sides of the argument are valid and case dependent, but the real question here is; how do you define living?

To me, only living once would imply taking advantage of every single moment with every available resource. To quote Hansel from Zooland, “I grip it and rip it.” So for me, I don’t want to feel like crap, depressed with no energy, and have a body that’s always aching and getting sick. Living is feeling strong, passionate, energized, and willing to get up day after day ready to grow as a human being.

That being said, you do have to let loose once and a while. Having drinks with your friends or cheating on your diet can always have its place as long as its controlled and you don’t let it consume you. So on that note

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