Yeah. We’re weird. What of it?

We get a lot of weird looks when we’re on the road. My hair, Mark’s purple pants, Jimmy’s 6″6 frame. Getting stares is perfectly fine, because it’s not often you see 4 guys over 6 ft. tall dressing like they just walked out of a comic book. But it crosses the line when people start to judge you. Sometimes they refuse to give you the same type of service, or they ask you dumb questions like “Why are you wearing red jeans?” in that obnoxious tone. Some people are so insecure that the only way they can feel better is by trying to make you feel bad. Well $*%&$* them.

Doug Ratner & The Watchmen stand up for the weird and “not so cool” crowd. It’s not that we’re not cool. In fact, we all think we’re awesome. But it’s important that you wear whatever you want, listen to whatever you want, and don’t let people push you around. And if they bully you, get in touch with us, we’ll take care of them.

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The weirdos get the chicks.